What сustomers say about Airy

As Good As Your Connection

4.0 rating
November 7, 2020

Someone else made this remark, and i wanted to emphasize on it. As long as your connection’s good, so is Airy.

Cody Doyle

Bandwidth is the only limit

5.0 rating
October 29, 2020

Saw too many apps ruined by odd choices. It’s weird when good functionality is limited by design. Airy doesn’t feature any mistakes of that kind.

Judith Moss

Great app, sans bells and whistles

4.0 rating
October 27, 2020

For me, apps can get annoying quickly, with needlessly convoluted menus and windows. Not this one though… Quite sensible.

Blake Snider

Respectable Design

4.0 rating
October 23, 2020

As an interface designer, I can appreciate the work that went into this. The clicks-per-operation were kept to a neat minimum.

Selena Burton

Safe and responsible

5.0 rating
October 19, 2020

Many smaller companies work with the Big Data. They’ll spy on you, sell the data in a snap. Airy’s safe though.

Todd Saunders