What —Āustomers say about Airy

Airy speaks for itself

4.0 rating
January 5, 2021

It’s just that good. Having tried it on multiple rigs with different configurations, i can vouch for it. Nothing short of a total blackout will stop Airy from getting your clips.

Josh Simpson

High capacity

5.0 rating
December 29, 2020

Don’t care much about other features, but it’s nice to have a large queue of content

Ruby Howe

Sick Of Buffering

4.0 rating
December 25, 2020

In my area, connectivity is pretty poor. But it doesn’t matter when I can download videos in advance. Even at the highest quality, they run without interruption.

Eva Cain

The best yoga teacher I could ask for

5.0 rating
December 23, 2020

Thanks to Airy, i can enjoy Yoga lessons from YouTube on my living room TV. And one of my buddies says it’s good for arts and crafts, too.

Ruby Newman

My first purchase

5.0 rating
December 19, 2020

And what a doozy! To think that i was reluctant to buy software. If only I knew how great this would be!

Fran Pearson